can design everything from toyboxes to houses. We specialize in making small spaces efficient and beautiful, but also love working on large projects where we can develop material and aesthetic continuity from the cabinets to the architectural elements to the gardens. Our work is a playful and warm modernism that allows for collections and stuff, but also provides a way to organize it all. The materials we use are natural and soulful, and our work is designed to age gracefully.

was founded in 2000 by Elaine Didyk, a Canadian in New York. Elaine has an undergraduate and graduate degree in architecture, from the University of Toronto and Columbia University respectively, and has taught at the University of British Columbia, The Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, and Columbia University in New York. In 2008 spacecraft's home base moved from New York to Los Angeles, but we like to think of ourselves as open-minded, and will design for either coast and anywhere in between.